The Gallery Companion

Like a book club but with art

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What is The Gallery Companion?

The Gallery Companion is like a book club but with art. 

Every week we introduce our members to the work of a different artist with specially recorded videos and links to interesting stories and ideas. We talk about contemporary artists as well as artists from the past. 

The Gallery Companion also hosts live events on zoom, all of which are free for our members. Our events are fun, relaxed, and interactive conversations about art with a friendly bunch of people. There’s no hoity-toity, hifalutin language or elitism here: we’re all about making art easy to understand, without the confusing art-speak.

Join us if you'd like to fill in gaps in your knowledge of art history and get more confident about interpreting artworks. No prior knowledge needed, just a willingness to have your brain strettttched a bit. Our members are from all over the world and have different levels of knowledge about art, but what matters is curiosity.

The Gallery Companion is led by Dr Victoria Powell, an art historian with 15 years of teaching under her belt. During that time she has equipped countless undergraduates with the necessary skills to stop staring blankly at the canvas and to approach any artwork with confidence. Now she's leading the charge to reach a wider group of people, not just those who have the opportunity to study art at university.

When you join The Gallery Companion you’ll have access to our private online members' network, where we’ll post content and where you get the zoom links to our events. You can also comment and post in the community. It’s like a mini social network for art lovers, except without the ads and all the other distracting nonsense.

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